Friday, December 16, 2005


These pages were painted with a glaze made from soft gel matte medium and Golden's fluid acrylic. Then they were overpainted w/ Americana cadmium red acrylic craft paint. The shapes were made by heating and pressing a wave shaped molding tip onto the "Contrast Blocks" molding mat. These mats are sheets of rubber just like rubberstamps are made from. They are about 3" x 8" and have a variety of patterns imprinted onto them. You put a moldable foam tip onto a stylus handle, heat it for a few seconds, and press it against the rubber mat to mold the pattern you've chosen into the tip. Then you ink the tip and use as a rubber stamp. The design will stay on the tip until you reheat and remold. They are made by the ColorBox division of Clearsnap. Lots of fun!

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Kathleen Marie said...

Very nice spread. I've got one of those moldable blocks... although I haven't played with it yet. It's in the drawer, the drawer full of things I've not yet discovered a use for, but had to purchase of course!