Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Colorful Baskets

This illustration was on the cover of a Container Store catalog. I used it for the simple reason that I love the bright, cheery look of it. I tried to duplicate the colors when writing the date with my Tombow brush markers.

Uncle Delbert

This spread is in memory of my only uncle who died on July 13.

Fig Jam

The illustration for this entry is the paper topper from a jar of Golden Fig & Lemon Jam. It will be a nice reminder of our visit to New Canaan Farms in Dripping Springs, Texas where we taste-tested jams, salsas, and other condiments that my sister plans to sell in her restaurant in Pflugerville ("Granny's Kitchen" on Pecan Street.)

Sponge Flowers

The white flowers were made with a small piece of sponge that had holes in it (the sort you might use to wash your car.)

Good, Thanks, Help

Agneta Westman on a group that I belong to, suggested that every day you should record something you consider as being GOOD about yourself; then record THANKS for whatever was positive during the day; and last ask for HELP in preparing for tomorrow. The first one helps you recognize your strengths; the second makes you see the positives in life; and the third causes you to think about what is troubling you and aids in planning a solution.

I thought this was a great idea. Here are the pages that I was inspired to create with this concept in mind. Now, if I can just remember to do it each day, I believe it will have a positive influence on me.

Monday, August 07, 2006

July Calendar

Post-It notes were used to mask the spaces for each day, and then I rolled on red acrylic paint with a sponge brayer. The blue stripes were applied using a sponge rectangle since the brayer wouldn't get into the gutter. The date was done with rubber stamp letters and numerals from a "Words&Crafts" set, using white pigment ink and then heat embossing.