Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mosquito Invasion

Until today I hadn't noticed very many mosquitos because it's been so much drier than usual, but it rained and now they have hatched in droves. I thought they were going to pick me up and fly away with me when I was weeding the bed alongside the driveway!

I painted these pages with Napa Red and touches of Deep Lilac. The illustrations are magazine cut-outs, and the title was stamped with a set of "Words & Crafts" letters from "Magnetic Poetry." They are such a pleasure to use and line up easily because of their handles. See what they look like here:

I used a Brilliance "Lightning Black" ink pad, and I was surprised to see that the letters appear to be slightly outlined in black while the insides are gold (this depends on the light and doesn't show in the photo.)

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