Saturday, July 07, 2007

This spread is an example of "featuring" a mistake. While the paint was still quite damp, I somehow managed to pull on the right side and a hunk of the page tore loose. Instead of thinking I had ruined the page, I picked a contrasting color to paint the underneath page (purple) so that it shows through the torn place. When everything had dried sufficiently, I used a lilac colored pencil to create feathering around the edge of the tear. I could have also fixed the problem by gluing on a border.

At a class I taught a couple of weeks ago in Austin, one of the students had a magazine cut-out where she liked both sides. I thought she was very inventive when she tore a hole in the middle of a page and positioned the picture so both sides could be viewed.


Jennifer said...

Great "fix"! I'm going to have to remember that one. And I like your student's idea for when two loved images are back to back. I've always just had to decide which one I liked better, but never thought about doing a hole ... so clever!

Dawn said...

Love the idea of how to use both sides of a magazine image.