Saturday, May 17, 2008

Art Journaling in Austin

The 1-day class I taught in Austin went very well. We had 12 people, which was a nice size group to work with.
Everyone seemed to have a good time, although with only one day they didn't get much actual journaling done. Hopefully, they'll complete some of the pages they started at home.
This spread was burnt sienna fluid acrylic mixed with soft gel matte medium over pages that had been previously painted with gesso. When this was very dry, I brushed it again with gesso and stamped into the damp gesso around the edges of the right page with a Staedtler Mars eraser that I had carved in a grid pattern. The uncarved squares of the eraser lifted off the damp gesso, revealing the burnt sienna underneath, while the carved-out lines remain white. I wrote the title with a Pitt brush pen.
The illustrative elements on the left side are serendipity squares, which are a great way to use up those scraps of paper that we all save. Choose a solid color of paper or cardstock for your background. Tear your scraps into small pieces and glue them down at random, leaving the background sheet showing in places. It won't look like much at this stage, but don't worry. Now you can add all sorts of embellishments, such as punch-outs, stickers, lace, embossing. Anything you can think of as long as you can cut through it. It will really look a mess now, but looks great once it's cut up. Cut into small squares or other shapes and they're ready to mount on journal pages or as decorative elements for cards.
This spread is wonderfully tactile with the collaged pieces on the left and grid marks you can actually feel on the right.

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