Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dog Up a Tree

For Coquette Weekend this year, we went to Rockport. We saw the funniest thing when we were coming home on Sunday. We had stopped at Goose Island State Part to view a 2000 year-old live oak that is 38 feet in circumference. That was pretty spectacular, but we saw something even better when a little dog that was part Jack Russell took off after a squirrel and actually climbed a tree! She jumped up about 4 feet and then clawed her way up another 3 or 4 feet until the trunk angled out above the ground and she could run all the way out to the end of the limb. This was not the 2000 yr-old tree, but one that was plenty big itself. It happened so fast that we were only able to get a picture of her as she headed back down. We were all whooping and hollering. Her owners live nearby and said she does it all the time.

I applied gesso to the left page and let it dry. Then painted royal blue & turquoise on the right page. While it was wet, I closed it over onto the dry gessoed page, and then carefully pulled the pages apart. This transferred some of the wet paint. Once all was completely dry, I applied Adirondack 'Stonewashed' dye ink to the left page with a cosmetic sponge. The text was written with a white Uniball Signo pen. This was also used to outline the picture which had been trimmed with decorative edge scissors.

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