Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Babbo Bruno

For my birthday, we went to Babbo Bruno's new location in Friendswood. This is quite a bit larger than their old facility and has more ambience. With stone floors and arches, it has a Tuscan feel. And I love the fact that it isn't noisy like so many restaurants. They were playing Andrea Bocelli's music, but not intrusively.

Missy and I had planned to have a girls'-day-out on Sunday, but I told her that we would do it later since she needed to spend her time preparing for another insurance exam. However, she took time anyway to bring me a fantastic coconut pie from the Busy Bee, a beautiful Christmas cactus and a visit with my sweet little grandkitty Alley.

The background for these pages was red and purples paints that I had left in the brushes from other pages. I often get some lovely backgrounds this way, by just dabbing on whatever's left in the brush; adding to it over time until I have a nice look. Then I added yellow and purple NeoColor II water soluble pastels on top of the paint. The illustration is part of a napkin applied with matte medium.

The text was written with some markers that were new to me: Prismacolor Premiers in .3 & .1

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