Thursday, November 03, 2005

Busy Day, Busy Page

Old credit cards can be used to spread dabs of paint as was done on this spread. The pages were first painted with a beige color, and then various other colors were dotted on and pulled across with the card. This is too busy for my taste, but it was fun to try, and I can see other possibilities...such as overpainting with a glaze or a light paint, or blending with a wet brush before it dries. It also might be interesting to glue on a silhouette in dark paper or to draw with heavy black lines. You could dab on one color and pull horizontally, then apply a different color to pull vertically. Also, a completely different look would come from a page underpainted with black or another dark color. What about using all metallic paints? Will I live long enough to try all these ideas!?!

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