Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pink Flowers

This spread illustrates how I often use two or three colors of paint at once. In this case, I squirted some yellow on the left page and proceeded to brush it out. Then pink was applied to the right side. Without washing the brush, I pulled some of it onto the left side and in spots it mixed with the yellow to create a few pale orange streaks. I think I probably added some lavender to the top of the right page, and the blue in it made a soft neutral gray where it mixed with the yellow. I never know exactly how these experiments will turn out, and that is where the fun comes in! The flowers are rubberstamp images colored with those lovely Prismacolor pencils.

1 comment:

Kathleen Marie said...

I'm a three color girl too. I usually squeeze out some right onto the page and begin to smear them all into one another. I love the pink!