Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dapple Dandy Pluots

I make it a habit to paint the backgrounds for my pages quite a few days ahead of the time when I'll be journaling on them. So I'm always amazed when the twain meet in an eerie way like they did on this page!

This background was created as I was just playing around to see what would happen. I first brushed on a glaze made with "Lemon Yellow" Rotring Artist Color (yes, I still have some of those little bottles) mixed into soft gel matte medium. Then I took a "Vatican Wine" Fresco stamp pad and rubbed it over the dry glaze, burnishing with a piece of old T-shirt fabric. I repeated this with Adirondack pads in "Caramel" & "Butterscotch." Next, I brushed on FolkArt "Vintage White" acrylic paint and immediately wiped most off with a paper towel. This was topped with another glaze of Golden Fluid Acrylic "Yellow Oxide" mixed with soft gel medium thinned with water.

Imagine my surprise as I was recording my first ever purchase of pluots on this day, as I realized that this page looked just like their skins! I couldn't have planned that in a million years.

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