Thursday, May 21, 2009

April Showers

This spread was a combo of several experiments, and I'm pleased with how it turned out.
I painted the pages with midnight blue paint, using my brush to create swirls and while it was still wet, I used the pointed end of a bottle opener to draw loop-de-loops in the paint on the right side.
Next, emulating a technique that I learned here: I cut some frames from fun foam.
Stamped them with "Crafter's Ink" by ColorBox. The green one didn't show up very well on the dark blue paint, so I enhanced it with a green Prismacolor pencil. I also used that pencil to write the numbers and the words "April Showers." Retraced them with a white pencil, which is what I used, as well, to write the text.

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freebird said...

I've noticed there are no comments to your wonderful pages. Well, I guess that means I will be the first at least for the most recent ones. Jessica's classes make pages quite different from yours. Your pages seem quite feminine. I can see my daughter saying "now that's a pretty page" unlike what she says when she sees mine. Ah well, we are each unique and have to use our own voice. I need to remember that we can make our own stamps from this foam. It's fun, isn't it?