Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now the Clean Up Begins

This page had been prepainted with Melted Butter and Fuschia and I was pleased how it complemented the streaks of sunlight coming through the trees in the photograph. This was just a picture I had in my files, but it illustrates the feel of the hurricane in so many ways. As I stare at it, I can imagine how hard the wind must have blown to create the havoc that we saw in all the yards as we drove back down the streets toward home. I've never been in a war zone, but that word came to mind as I ogled the piles and piles of debris. Trees, vines, leaves, and limbs are littering all the yards and most fences are down. Brush is piled 12 feet high. But, oh how lucky we were. It's a major inconvenience being without TV or Internet, but our electricity was back on several days before our neighbors' was, and we didn't even lose one shingle, while thousands had to have their roofs replaced, not to mention those poor people right on the coast who lost their entire houses and some of them lost their lives, as well.

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