Wednesday, May 20, 2009


These pages were painted with Periwinkle, and when dry I used Bright Yellow paint to stencil the stars down the side. They were outlined with a .01 Prismacolor pen. These pens are relatively new to the market I think, at least they are new to me. I bought a set of them at Hobby Lobby and the sizes of the nibs range from a tiny .005, to .01, .03, .05, and .08. Any of you who've done much writing on acrylic painted pages, know that not every pen works well on this surface. Or, if they work well at first, the paint seems to ruin them after a short while. So far (and I'm keeping my fingers crossed) these pens seem to be holding up. There is a guarantee on the back of the package that says: "If your product does not perform properly, please return for replacement" and gives an address. I plan to take them up on this if one quits any time soon.
I have used Prismacolor pencils for many years, and my set was bought back when they were manufactured by Berol. I've heard some people say they don't like them as well since Sanford began making them in 1995, but I can't really speak to that.
I wrote the word "Australia" with a Pitt F pen, and I promise you that is one pen you can count on! Then I colored in the counters of the letters with soft pastels.
The picture was from a review of the movie in the newspaper, and I just drew a frame around it with a yellow Prismacolor pencil.

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