Thursday, May 21, 2009


I wanted to come up with a clever way to tell Mother that Missy is expecting a baby. I looked and looked and finally found a small silver frame that was hinged with room for three photos. I put my baby picture in the first spot, followed by Melissa's. I had never before noticed how much we resembled each other as infants. I knew that we looked alike as 2-year-olds, but I guess I'd never looked at these pictures side by side before.
I wrapped the frame and told Mother that we'd brought her an Easter gift, although that was still two weeks away. She was intent on looking at the photos, so it took her a minute to realize what the message in the third place really meant.
Jeanne caught on at the same time and just started hollering and crying and hugging. I know it must have pleased Missy so much to see how happy Jeanne is for her. My reaction had been much more low-key since I knew she had gone off the pill and I wasn't so shocked when she told me.

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freebird said...

What a very nice way to announce that a new one is on the way. Oh how happy you will all be. Grandchildren are just terrific. I might have loved my children so very much but I was also responsible for how they grew up. With grandchildren, that responsibility is not there so you get to spoil them and enjoy them more.