Thursday, May 21, 2009


I was so thrilled to be able to accompany Missy on her first visit to the obstetrician.
When they called me in for the ultrasound, it seemed unbelievable that I was actually watching the fluttering of the teeny-tiny little heart of my first grandbaby.
This background was painted with "Latte" and "Soft Apple" paints. I cut the illustrations from some gift wrap I had left over from a baby shower.
I wrote the word "Miracle" with a green Tombow brush marker, shadowed the right side of the strokes with a light gray marker, and separated those strokes with a fineline black Prismacolor pen.
When you create shadowing for your letters, you need to decide whether to do it on the left or right side of the strokes, and be very careful that you stick with whichever side you've chosen.

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